"A funny, energetic tale about the war between primness and hedonism." - Kirkus Discoveries

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When Alice Mercer bumps into rising Wall Street attorney, Jack Preston, he promises himself to wipe this stunning beauty out of his memory. Life is complicated enough in 1950’s America, where virginity holds sway over daydreams. Dare this woman jeopardize his promise to marry his wholesome sweetheart? But Alice won't go away, and after treating him to ringside seats, this French industrial spy trained in the womanly arts by the finest madam in Hanoi takes Jack on a lovemaking tour de force requiring only disclosure of his clients’ names—a petty price to pay until he is arrested for insider trading. And so Jack begins a descent into hell, where revelations of shocking bedroom activity turn his trial into fodder for a ravenous public whipped into frenzy by the tabloid media. Will Alice use her steamy knowhow to save the day? Jack never stops believing. Read more

About Peter Hoffmann

Peter Hoffmann was born and raised in New York City, where he attended Brooklyn College. After receiving his MD degree from New York Medical College, he received postdoctoral training in pathology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, where he specialized in premalignant diseases of the breast. Read more

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The squadron of Zeros passed low, and the battalion greeted their pitch plummeting drone with a hearty “Banzai.” Major Hiroshi Nishimura mounted the steps of the sacred terrace and reached for the handle of his sword. When he turned to review his soldiers standing in rigid formation before a metropolis of temples spread across the Bagan plain, emotion relaxed his stern gaze and froze his tongue. Read more