Keeping Your Home Safe

How secure is your home? Is it safe when you are they are? How about when you’re not home, is it safe then? Does your home invite burglars are deter them? Below are some simple tips to help you secure your home better. By making your home more secure, you and your family can feel safer when you are home and when you are away. Follow the tips below to better secure your home:

  • Always be situationally aware. As you approach your home, look for anything suspicious. If something seems out of place are wrong, stop.
  • Illuminate the exterior with plenty of outdoor lighting. My guys at Atlanta gutter cleaning install these right underneath the gutters for customers.
  • Keep the shrubs around your house trimmed and thinned so they do not become a hiding spot for burglars.
  • Always keep your garage doors locked so they do not become an easy access point. Do not count on your garage door remote to lock that door.
  • If you are leaving on a trip, stop delivery of your newspaper and mail services so others are not alerted of your absence.
  • Invest in timers for your lights so your home can continue to be illuminate it while you are away.
  • Never fumble for your keys at your door. Instead, have your keys ready to unlock the door before you get there. This will give you the opportunity to enter your home quickly.
  • If you receive suspicious phone calls, hang up and call the authorities.
  • If you use a valet service or take your car to an auto service department, only hand in the key they need for your vehicle. You will also need to keep your glove compartment locked. This will keep them from being able to make a duplicate of any of your keys, including your house key. Keeping your glove box locked will make it harder for them to know your home address that they could find off your registration.

Following these simple steps can help to keep you and your family safe, as well as keep your home secure.


Protecting Yourself with a Shock Stick

We all could use more tools under our belt when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families. Today, we’ll be looking at one tool that many people have come to love, the shock stick.

When you are being put into a situation where you may be attacked, the more distance between you and the attacker there is, the better. I know a guy that works at movers Roswell Ga that carries one of these in rough areas of town. This is where the shock stick comes into play, the many shock stick especially. The feedback that we have received over the years on the shock stick has been wonderful. Many people are using this longer-range stun device to not only defend themselves against attackers, but to help deal with dogs on the loose that continue to follow them or try to attack.

If you like to go out to walk and run for exercise, you have likely had to deal with dogs before. You know that when you quickly tried to get away from a dog, their instinct will be triggered and they will begin to chase you. In the mind of a dog, when you try to run away from them, you become their prey. Their natural tendency is to give chase when confronted with a person or animal that is fleeing.

Having one of the shock sticks as a personal protection device can give you the confidence to confront a person or animal in the event of an attack. They certainly will not appreciate the powerful electrical shock they receive from this high-voltage surprise. The intimidating sounds in the visible arcs of this shock stick itself will often be enough to persuade humans and animals alike to find another victim, simply by you pressing the button.

Of course, if simply pushing the button isn’t enough to scare away your attacker, using the device to touch them well certainly send them on their way. Shock sticks are powerful tools that will make any attacker think twice.



Avoiding a Canine Attack

Each year, more than 30 people are victim in the United States to a fatal canine attack. Close to 400,000 people year are treated for canine bites. This puts dogs in a whole new light when seeing these statistics. Since the dog is a descendant of the wolf, they have their own domain. When you intrude into that domain, you can be attacked. Even a dog that is typically timid can attack, especially when they are around people who have a natural fear of dogs. Dogs can take a person’s fear and interpret it wrong, thinking the person is threatening them. Occasionally, you will hear of dog owners being attacked by their own dog. In these cases, the owner is usually clueless as to the cause of the attack.

The best way to keep yourself safe from being attacked by canine is to educate yourself about dogs. Regardless of the breed of dog, any canine can go into attack mode when the situation warrants it. Unfortunately, the actual bite is and where the problems and. There are many diseases people can contract from a dog bite, such as rabies, part though, or even an infection from the bite. Treating these bites can be expensive, too.

Luckily, there are some products to help you out if you are faced with dogs that are unfriendly as you walk, jog, or simply go about your daily business. I know a guy who does Junk Removal Click Here for more info, that went through this walking at a park one time. There are two different kinds of dog repellents that are now on the market, the noisemaker in the pepper spray. The ultrasonic dog chaser is a noisemaker that can repel a dog as far as 20 feet away. An ultrahigh pitched noise is emitted, a sound that dogs hate because of their sensitive hearing. This noise is not audible to humans, so it will not bother your neighbors and others that are around when you use it.

The dog pepper spray is another great option to protect you from canine bites. When sprayed at a dog, you will be given plenty of time to leave the situation and get help. Both of these repellents have been proven effective against bites from canines.

Keeping Yourself Safe from Online Hoaxes

We have all found things that seem too good too be true while surfing online. They can sometimes be hard to determine if the things we see are the real deal or not. How can we be certain? We all need to learn how to spot the hoaxes online to keep us safe while we’re on the web. Below are some of the hoaxes you may find online.

  • Freebies
    : all you have to do is offer your phone number, email address, and home address, then answer a few select questions to receive this brand-new prize. So, what exactly is the catch? Well, not only have you just given up your privacy, when your most precious assets on the web, but now you will also receive a ton of shady advertising. My friend who does Roswell Ga gutter cleaning got duped into this one time and it cost him dearly with spam, emails, etc. This information has just given them permission to send you tons of junk mail, ads, and cold calls. And guess what? You will never see that prize. I mean, come on, no one’s ever going to give out a prize that’s worth anything without getting money from you.
  • The hidden virus hoax: you receive an email or view a post on Facebook that wants you to click on a video or attachment to see something that claims to be spectacular. Well, whatever it is you’re looking for is not worth the potential of downloading nasty viruses that can completely destroy your computer or infected with adware that is very intrusive. You should always be very cautious when you click on the link that may not be legit.
  • Click on images: do you want to see a picture of a kid with a really rare defect? How about a picture of the president in a compromising position? All you have to do is click on the link. Of course, that link is going to two things to your computer that you would prefer not to have done. If you think an image is going to be legit, and it’s something you’re truly interested in, do a Google search about it first before clicking on a random link.

There are many hoaxes that you can find online if you spend any time on the web. It’s just part of what you can expect online. With the right knowledge, you can protect yourself and your computer.


Protecting Yourself on the Streets

These days, with the threat of Muslim refugees coming into our country, more people are beginning to see the need for self defense. Because of this, people are searching for things they can carry every day and use to defend themselves against unprovoked attacks against their lives.

It can be difficult to find something you can carry on the streets for personal protection. One self-defense tool many people are looking into is the expandable baton. The baton can offer a powerful offensive blow or help block an attack, making this a good choice. These tools are strong and sturdy, made of steel, and are great tools to help preserve your life.


Using a baton, you can block and attacked then immediately strike a blow to the attacker. This is a great way to protect yourself and potentially save your life. There is a holster that is available for a telescopic steel baton that is fairly inexpensive. In fact, for less than $30, you can have a baton that can help save your life while giving you offensive and defensive capabilities.

Another great self-defense tool you should consider is a Taser. We saw a guy get tasered right next to movers Snellville Ga on the street by a cop! It was a crazy scene that I will never forget. A Taser is, without a doubt, the most effective self-defense tool available that is nonlethal. A Taser can completely take over the body of the attacker and make it impossible for them to move. These are easy to use and almost impossible to miss with. Many tasers can be used at a distance, allowing you to take down an attacker at a safer distance.

It is illegal to carry a Taser in some states, and the price tag of a Taser could be beyond the budget of many people. Regardless, it is the best option hands-down to have when you need to stop someone from harming you or your family.

No matter which weapon you prefer, you should always have something with you when you are in public to protect yourself and those around you. Not having something available could cost you dearly, otherwise.