Each year, more than 30 people are victim in the United States to a fatal canine attack. Close to 400,000 people year are treated for canine bites. This puts dogs in a whole new light when seeing these statistics. Since the dog is a descendant of the wolf, they have their own domain. When you intrude into that domain, you can be attacked. Even a dog that is typically timid can attack, especially when they are around people who have a natural fear of dogs. Dogs can take a person’s fear and interpret it wrong, thinking the person is threatening them. Occasionally, you will hear of dog owners being attacked by their own dog. In these cases, the owner is usually clueless as to the cause of the attack.

The best way to keep yourself safe from being attacked by canine is to educate yourself about dogs. Regardless of the breed of dog, any canine can go into attack mode when the situation warrants it. Unfortunately, the actual bite is and where the problems and. There are many diseases people can contract from a dog bite, such as rabies, part though, or even an infection from the bite. Treating these bites can be expensive, too.

Luckily, there are some products to help you out if you are faced with dogs that are unfriendly as you walk, jog, or simply go about your daily business. I know a guy who does Junk Removal Click Here for more info, that went through this walking at a park one time. There are two different kinds of dog repellents that are now on the market, the noisemaker in the pepper spray. The ultrasonic dog chaser is a noisemaker that can repel a dog as far as 20 feet away. An ultrahigh pitched noise is emitted, a sound that dogs hate because of their sensitive hearing. This noise is not audible to humans, so it will not bother your neighbors and others that are around when you use it.

The dog pepper spray is another great option to protect you from canine bites. When sprayed at a dog, you will be given plenty of time to leave the situation and get help. Both of these repellents have been proven effective against bites from canines.

Avoiding a Canine Attack
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