How secure is your home? Is it safe when you are they are? How about when you’re not home, is it safe then? Does your home invite burglars are deter them? Below are some simple tips to help you secure your home better. By making your home more secure, you and your family can feel safer when you are home and when you are away. Follow the tips below to better secure your home:

  • Always be situationally aware. As you approach your home, look for anything suspicious. If something seems out of place are wrong, stop.
  • Illuminate the exterior with plenty of outdoor lighting. My guys at Atlanta gutter cleaning install these right underneath the gutters for customers.
  • Keep the shrubs around your house trimmed and thinned so they do not become a hiding spot for burglars.
  • Always keep your garage doors locked so they do not become an easy access point. Do not count on your garage door remote to lock that door.
  • If you are leaving on a trip, stop delivery of your newspaper and mail services so others are not alerted of your absence.
  • Invest in timers for your lights so your home can continue to be illuminate it while you are away.
  • Never fumble for your keys at your door. Instead, have your keys ready to unlock the door before you get there. This will give you the opportunity to enter your home quickly.
  • If you receive suspicious phone calls, hang up and call the authorities.
  • If you use a valet service or take your car to an auto service department, only hand in the key they need for your vehicle. You will also need to keep your glove compartment locked. This will keep them from being able to make a duplicate of any of your keys, including your house key. Keeping your glove box locked will make it harder for them to know your home address that they could find off your registration.

Following these simple steps can help to keep you and your family safe, as well as keep your home secure.


Keeping Your Home Safe
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