We have all found things that seem too good too be true while surfing online. They can sometimes be hard to determine if the things we see are the real deal or not. How can we be certain? We all need to learn how to spot the hoaxes online to keep us safe while we’re on the web. Below are some of the hoaxes you may find online.

  • Freebies
    : all you have to do is offer your phone number, email address, and home address, then answer a few select questions to receive this brand-new prize. So, what exactly is the catch? Well, not only have you just given up your privacy, when your most precious assets on the web, but now you will also receive a ton of shady advertising. My friend who does Roswell Ga gutter cleaning got duped into this one time and it cost him dearly with spam, emails, etc. This information has just given them permission to send you tons of junk mail, ads, and cold calls. And guess what? You will never see that prize. I mean, come on, no one’s ever going to give out a prize that’s worth anything without getting money from you.
  • The hidden virus hoax: you receive an email or view a post on Facebook that wants you to click on a video or attachment to see something that claims to be spectacular. Well, whatever it is you’re looking for is not worth the potential of downloading nasty viruses that can completely destroy your computer or infected with adware that is very intrusive. You should always be very cautious when you click on the link that may not be legit.
  • Click on images: do you want to see a picture of a kid with a really rare defect? How about a picture of the president in a compromising position? All you have to do is click on the link. Of course, that link is going to two things to your computer that you would prefer not to have done. If you think an image is going to be legit, and it’s something you’re truly interested in, do a Google search about it first before clicking on a random link.

There are many hoaxes that you can find online if you spend any time on the web. It’s just part of what you can expect online. With the right knowledge, you can protect yourself and your computer.


Keeping Yourself Safe from Online Hoaxes
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