These days, with the threat of Muslim refugees coming into our country, more people are beginning to see the need for self defense. Because of this, people are searching for things they can carry every day and use to defend themselves against unprovoked attacks against their lives.

It can be difficult to find something you can carry on the streets for personal protection. One self-defense tool many people are looking into is the expandable baton. The baton can offer a powerful offensive blow or help block an attack, making this a good choice. These tools are strong and sturdy, made of steel, and are great tools to help preserve your life.


Using a baton, you can block and attacked then immediately strike a blow to the attacker. This is a great way to protect yourself and potentially save your life. There is a holster that is available for a telescopic steel baton that is fairly inexpensive. In fact, for less than $30, you can have a baton that can help save your life while giving you offensive and defensive capabilities.

Another great self-defense tool you should consider is a Taser. We saw a guy get tasered right next to movers Snellville Ga on the street by a cop! It was a crazy scene that I will never forget. A Taser is, without a doubt, the most effective self-defense tool available that is nonlethal. A Taser can completely take over the body of the attacker and make it impossible for them to move. These are easy to use and almost impossible to miss with. Many tasers can be used at a distance, allowing you to take down an attacker at a safer distance.

It is illegal to carry a Taser in some states, and the price tag of a Taser could be beyond the budget of many people. Regardless, it is the best option hands-down to have when you need to stop someone from harming you or your family.

No matter which weapon you prefer, you should always have something with you when you are in public to protect yourself and those around you. Not having something available could cost you dearly, otherwise.

Protecting Yourself on the Streets
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