We all could use more tools under our belt when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families. Today, we’ll be looking at one tool that many people have come to love, the shock stick.

When you are being put into a situation where you may be attacked, the more distance between you and the attacker there is, the better. I know a guy that works at movers Roswell Ga that carries one of these in rough areas of town. This is where the shock stick comes into play, the many shock stick especially. The feedback that we have received over the years on the shock stick has been wonderful. Many people are using this longer-range stun device to not only defend themselves against attackers, but to help deal with dogs on the loose that continue to follow them or try to attack.

If you like to go out to walk and run for exercise, you have likely had to deal with dogs before. You know that when you quickly tried to get away from a dog, their instinct will be triggered and they will begin to chase you. In the mind of a dog, when you try to run away from them, you become their prey. Their natural tendency is to give chase when confronted with a person or animal that is fleeing.

Having one of the shock sticks as a personal protection device can give you the confidence to confront a person or animal in the event of an attack. They certainly will not appreciate the powerful electrical shock they receive from this high-voltage surprise. The intimidating sounds in the visible arcs of this shock stick itself will often be enough to persuade humans and animals alike to find another victim, simply by you pressing the button.

Of course, if simply pushing the button isn’t enough to scare away your attacker, using the device to touch them well certainly send them on their way. Shock sticks are powerful tools that will make any attacker think twice.



Protecting Yourself with a Shock Stick
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